Solid Silk Swatches
SS1 pink SS2 mulberry SS3 rose SS4 coral SS5 melon SS6 wow pink SS7 flamingo
SS9 lipstick SS12 red
(out of stock)
SS13 cinnabar SS14 lilac SS15 wisteria SS17 Tahiti
(out of stock)
SS18 wine
SS21 antique gold SS23 kiwi olive SS26 celery SS27 new celery SS28 apple
SS29 chartreuse
(out of stock)
SS30 sage SS32 aquamarine SS33 aqua SS34 teal
(out of stock)
SS35 lt blue
(out of stock)
SS36 blue jay
indigo SS37 peacock SS38 purple
(out of stock)
SS39 coffee SS42 black
(out of stock)
SS44 silver SS43 ivory
(out of stock)
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